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5 Days Marangu Route

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    Huts Summary

    he Marangu Route, also known as the “Coca-Cola Route,” is one of the most popular and traditional routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It is often chosen by climbers who prefer to stay in mountain huts rather than camping in tents. However, the 5-day Marangu Route is considered quite challenging due to the rapid ascent and limited time for acclimatization. Climbers attempting the 5-day Marangu Route should have prior experience with high-altitude trekking and excellent physical fitness. It’s essential to understand that the success rate for reaching the summit on the 5-day Marangu Route is generally lower compared to longer routes with more acclimatization time. Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of the 5-day Marangu Route:

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    Trekking / tour schedule

    • Elevation: 1,860m (6,100ft) to 2,700m (8,858ft)
    • Hiking time: 4-5 hours
    • Elevation: 2,700m (8,858ft) to 3,720m (12,200ft)
    • Hiking time: 5-6 hours
    • Elevation: 3,720m (12,200ft) to 4,703m (15,430ft)
    • Hiking time: 5-6 hours
    • Elevation: 4,703m (15,430ft) to 5,895m (19,341ft) (Uhuru Peak) and descend to 3,720m (12,200ft) at Horombo Hut
    • Hiking time: 6-8 hours to reach Uhuru Peak, 4-6 hours descent to Horombo Hut
      • Elevation: 3,720m (12,200ft) to 1,860m (6,100ft)
      • Hiking time: 5-6 hours

    Please note that the 5-day Marangu Route involves a rapid ascent, and climbers have less time to acclimate to the increasing altitude. This can significantly increase the risk of altitude sickness and reduce the chances of reaching the summit. For a safer and more enjoyable experience, many climbers opt for longer routes, such as the 6-day Marangu Route or other routes like the Lemosho Route or Machame Route, which provide more time for acclimatization and have higher success rates for reaching the summit. Choosing a reputable tour operator with experienced guides is crucial for your safety and success on the mountain, regardless of the route chosen.